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How Functional Medicine Helped My Chronic Inflammation

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Today, I’d like to talk to you about chronic inflammation and joint pain.  I’ve seen a lot of patients coming into my practice year after year with issues such as tennis elbow, joint pain in thumbs or wrists, plantar fasciitis, etc...  What I’ve found is that my patients would get frustrated. They would get better from traditional therapy, but they were still taking anti-inflammatory medicine to mask their symptoms. Many of them even had cortisone injections in an effort to avoid surgery only to have their symptoms return 6 months later. Many of them were worse off than before their injection.

Personally, I’ve experienced chronic inflammation and joint pain, as well. When my son was born I was 34. At that time I was unable to get on the floor and play with him for longer than 2 to 3 minutes without having severe pain in my hips. When I went to my doctor to find out why this was happening, I was never asked how much water I was drinking, what my diet was like, or if there were any stress factors in my life. Traditional medicine was unable to give me the answers as to what was causing my pain. It wasn’t until I found Functional Medicine that I was able to get my life back.

With Functional Medicine, we look at the root causes of joint pain and chronic inflammation. We don’t just put a band-aide on it by telling you to take some anti-inflammatory medications. We look at what is actually causing your problem by developing an individualized treatment plan to get you back to optimal health. When I was suffering with chronic inflammation, I wasn’t able to do the things I loved such as play tennis or basketball. I was really limited in my activities.

Thankfully, Functional Medicine helped determine the root cause of my issue. For this reason I decided to become a practitioner so that I could in turn help my patients. If you are someone who is looking for a solution to your health problem and you are ready to move beyond traditional therapies, are tired of living with chronic pain year in and year out, I invite you to join me on this venture. Let’s return your body to optimal health by working together on an individualized treatment plan. Please contact me at You can also visit my website - or my Facebook page -

To hear more of my story, check out my full video:

Are you ready? I’m here to help you!

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